Letter From Greg Carter

2016 KBA President

April 2016


Dear KBA Family,

I hope that this wonderful weather we are seeing is treating you and your businesses well. Weather like this means BASEBALL (!) to me, and for a number of young people in our community it means high school graduation is right around the corner.

Which brings me to our annual scholarship luncheon. It’s one of the most exciting things we do as a business association. If you’re like me, you’ll likely leave this meeting astonished at all the young talent we have right here. Our scholarship recipients are recognized for all of the great accomplishments they’ve already achieved in their young lives: mind-blowing GPA’s, incredible community service, outstanding athletic performances – they do it all! No doubt, these young achievers we recognize at our scholarship luncheon will be the leaders of tomorrow. I’d say we’re in good hands!

Please pay attention also to the ladies and gentlemen for whom the scholarships are named. They are the ones who have paved the roads that we all now have the privilege of travelling. If you don’t already know them, please make it a point to meet them. They all have incredible stories to tell.

And speaking of incredible stories, have you met our KBA interns yet? They ARE incredible! They were all interviewed and hand-picked from our local high schools. At each luncheon, they learn a different facet of what goes into executing a successful meeting. They are eager to participate, hard-working, and very, very smart. Tyler Acree, Hannah Goodsite, Madeliene Guillen, Giovanni Merindino, Cole Mooney, Eunice Ngata, Chris Page, and Archelle Thelemaque – remember these names, because you will be hearing from them! (Special thanks to Dr. Philip Page, Assistant Superintendent with Cobb County Schools and KBA board member, for all of his hard work in making our intern program a success.)

That’s all for now. I love you guys. Thanks for letting me serve you as KBA president.

Greg Carter  –  2016 KBA President