Letter From Carel Bekker

2018 KBA President

January 2018

Dear KBA Members,


Welcome back all the long time KBA members, and a very warm welcome to all the new KBA members.


It is truly an honor to serve as your 2018 KBA president. The KBA has such a long and rich history and I’m excited to be a part of the future KBA. 


In 1998 I arrived with my wife and 2 small boys to start a new life in Kennesaw, GA. I’m blown away to realize that after 20 years I’m now the president of the largest business association in Georgia. America is truly the land where dreams can come true. I’m a great testament of the American Dream. If you are willy to work hard, stay out of trouble, and persist, then you can be successful. 


Our theme for 2018 is: Business re-imagined


                                                  What does it mean? 

The KBA does so much for our community and schools. I don’t want any of this to change. I do want us to be more intentional about helping our members to grow their businesses. I want us to help our members re-imagine how they do business. 


                                              How will we achieve this?

– By challenging our members to think differently about their business. Re-imagining their business. For example, how can they use “voice-enabled” services to make their business more user friendly. Think Amazon Alexa.

– We are so blessed to have one of the largest universities in the South East in our backyard. We will work on programs to facilitate more relationships between the KBA and KSU.

– David Persson and Jay Brimberry worked very hard to create a great new website. The new website will become the communications hub of all things KBA and Kennesaw. We also plan to live stream our luncheons via a KBA live! web page.

– Through technology, for example allowing our members to automatically renew their membership online using a credit card.


May 2018 be the year your re-invigorate your business by re-imagaging the way you do business.


Feel free to contact me if I can serve you in any way.


Carel Bekker

KBA President 2018