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Application for Member of the Year Nomination

To nominate a member, fill out the form below

Eligibility to be nominated:
– KBA Member in good standing of at least one year.
– KBA Board members may be nominated.
– BOY/MOY committee members may not be nominated.

Evaluation criteria:
– Involvement in KBA.
– Supporting/assisting KBA programs and initiatives.
– Involvement in local community activities.
– Recognized for high moral character in business and personal dealings.
– Healthy growing business.

Name of Person being nominated

1. How long(years and/or months) has this person been an active member of the KBA?

2. What committees, volunteer programs has this person been involved in with or through the KBA? Active community involvement-what level or participation? Dollars, time, and/or resources dedicated to charitable community efforts. Please be as specific as possible.

3. Active involvement within the community? Member of councils, boards, clubs that provide support to the business community (KBA, Kiwanis, Chamber, etc.).

4. Is this person recognized as a leader within the community (leadership positions or recognition of "go to" status). If yes, please list specific organizations or positions.

5. What are some of the personal qualities about this person the community often does not get a chance to see and experience?

Contact Info of Person Nominating:


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 KBA 2016 Member of the Year


2016 Dr. Frank Boone KBA Member of the year

Congratulations to Rene’ Dollar, winner of the 2016 KBA Member of the Year.


Previous winners:

  • 2015: Mark Mathews
  • 2014: Bill Quinney
  • 2013: Cris Eaton-Welsh
  • 2012: Chris Ciula
  • 2011: David Kapchinske
  • 2010: Keivan Jabbari
  • 2009: David Grant